Ogden North, Go Forth!

So, it’s the beginning of a new transfer and I’m so excited! Yesterday was my second transfer day in the field and It couldn’t be funnier, I had a blast! I love how excitement we have here at the Utah Ogden Mission. So, I got two companions this transfer, how amazing that is? Yeah, Elders MacPherson and Elder Jarman are my two new companions and I know that we will do just fine, as long as we Love our Heavenly Father and obey Him. Another exciting fact about this transfer is that Hermana Fisher, who was in my MTC district, is once again at the same district as I am serving. I think that excitement is the word to describe what is about to come during the next six weeks of this transfer. Not only our companionship but all the rest of our District and zone are also really excited. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to server with amazing elders and sisters. Today we had an amazing meeting, our zone study, to set goals and expectations for this transfer. And I know that all of us were inspired and through Hard work, Love and obedience to the Lord we will accomplish our goals. I’m really happy, I know that this work is true and amazing, I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He loves each and every one of us, I know that He atoned for us and that because of  His atonement we can have everlasting happiness in this life and through all eternity. I love this Gospel and missionary work, I hope you guys are having an amazing week!


Elder Diogo Reis


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