A Symbol of Love


He is not here; he has risen from the dead. -Luke 24:6

When John arrived at the empty tomb the burial wraps had not been ripped off and thrown down. they were still in their original state! the linens were undisturbed. the grave-clothes were still rolled and folded. How could this be?… If for some reason friends or foes had unwrapped the body, would they have been so careful as to dispose of the clothing in such an orderly fashion? Of course not! But if neither friend nor foe took the body, who did?… Through the rags of death, John saw the power of life. Odd, don’t you think, that God would use something as sad as a burial wrap to change a life? But God is given to such practices: In his hand empty wine jugs at a wedding become a symbol of power. The coin of a widow becomes a symbol of generosity. And a tool of death is a symbol of his love.

He chose the nails.


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